What is The St Joseph House Selling Kit?

By Christine • September 17th, 2009

The St Joseph House Selling Kit has been around since the dawn of house selling. Saint Joseph is known as the patron saint of this industry. I don’t think that this is his official stature in the church, but practically every real estate agent and even home sellers have heard of this him.

One of the reasons St Joseph was chosen as the patron saint for anything related to real estate is because he was a carpenter. According to the stories he made sure that all around him were taken care of and were never wanting for housing.

The tradition of burying a St Joseph statue in the back yard started because during times of economic hardship, people turn to something more spiritual. So, turning to religion makes a lot of sense. And, burying a statue of St Joseph gives great comfort to many homeowners who need to sell, especially during these tough economic times.

There are many types of St Joseph House Selling Kits, including just the statue, some come with manuals, and others too with a few other options. But, probably the best is a simple statue with a little prayer to go along with it.

The best way to use the St Joseph House Selling Kit is to bury the statue upside down near the “For Sale” sign. If that is not possible, bury the statue in the back yard or even in a flower pot. Then say the prayer that was included in the kit.

There are many stories of the success of the St Joseph kit from all around the world. Many sellers don’t necessarily start out believing in the kit, but there have been stories reported in USA Today, local newspapers and many other community articles. One report even stated that the owners had three real estate agents, dropped their price at least three times and waited for over a year to sell. It was not until they buried a St Joseph statue did they finally find success.

There are also stories that St Joseph is supposed to help keep appliances from breaking down. I suppose if you maintain the thought of “anything real estate related”; it would sort of make sense. That certainly would be a great side benefit of honoring this patron saint in this way.

Regardless of whether you believe in a St Joseph House Selling Kit or not, at least one can feel that every idea is well worth the effort. And, for the cost of these items, it’s nowhere near what you end up paying out in other fees. Let’s put it this way, how can it hurt?


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