A bed that follows your body: Tempurpedic is a real blessing

Do you dream of a restful sleep, gentle for the body and deep for the mind? This is the promise made by memory foam mattresses. It adapts to your figure thanks to a layer of viscoelastic polyurethane foam, created initially by NASA for space travel. This high-resilience material, more or less thick and dense according to brands and models, has the special feature of softening under the effect of heat. Let us see a few tempurpedic mattress reviews which may help you to choose the right foam mattress.

Lie on the tempurpedic mattress, this one is firm. But under the action of the weight and the temperature of your body, the foam relaxes, adapts to your morphology and marries all the outlines. You are enveloped and supported, the movements are amortized. When you move, the foam returns to its original shape and then adapts immediately to the new position. Do not panic, then, if you lend your bed. The foam will adapt to the guest, and then regain its initial consistency, tirelessly.

Double-sided foam

Memory foam can change your life. The intrinsic qualities of these mattresses offer an excellent independence of sleeping, very appreciable for couples. When one of them moves, the other continues his night peacefully without being awakened by the movements of the turbulent spouse. Any mattress may fall into the “shape memory” category, as long as it is covered with a layer of viscoelastic foam. If the mattress is reversible, each of its faces must be covered with a layer of memory foam. This is also one of the elements to check when buying.


As the viscoelastic foam is heat-sensitive, it also reacts to the temperature of the chamber. It’s up to you to determine the density that best suits your movements. In winter, the foam is harder and it is not easy to soften at bedtime. In the summer, it may seem a little soft. The idea is to keep the room at a constant temperature. A slight disadvantage is that the viscoelastic foam makes the mattress less breathable and the sleeper can sometimes sweat more. It is therefore best not to sleep shirtless and to prefer quilts in feather or linen rather than synthetic duvets.

Writen by William